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Life Coach

Client: CJL Life
Date: 2018
Services: Website Design, Copywriting, Portfolio, Blogging

CJL Life

Carole Langran is a life coach. Starting her own business CJL Life to help people achieve their desired lifestyle, Carole works closely with her clients to improve and support their wellbeing.

Grey Swan was recommended to Carole as she wanted a dynamic-looking new website to launch her new life coaching business. We worked with her to create a site that not only displays her coaching services but that also showcases her clients and provides a blogging platform for Carole to pass on her advice and health tips to her subscribers.

Visit the website:  CJL Life

I approached Grey Swan to create a website for my new life coaching practice. I wanted a site that was far removed from the bog-standard industry sites as they tend to be quite uninspiring and cluttered. I have to say that Grey Swan delivered; my site is warm, stylish and focused, which goes a long way to supporting my company’s professional outlook. Thanks, Grey Swan.

CJL Life